Uppgift 2

Individuell uppgift

Exercise 2 – Write Your Own Creation Story (Skapelseberättelse) 

Creation stories exist in most religions and cultures of the world. These stories do not just recount (återberättar) the steps of creation, but they also attempt (försöker) to give meaning, explaining why the world and its different cultures are the way they are. Creation stories may (kan) be presented in a very simple manner (sätt), or they may be filled with symbolism and imagery (bildspråk). The creation story you write will be limited (begränsad) only by your imagination. It can take any form you choose!


Before you begin to write your own story please think about the following:

* Story Main Topic/Theme

* Story Characters

* Sequence of Events

* Moral Lesson

Finally, don’t forget to submit your story into your WordPress account under: Engelska/Livets utveckling.


Good Luck!



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